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Our company offers a whole range of financial services in the UK. Regardless of whether you’re looking for financial advice, help with mortgage, investments, or retirement planning, we can help you. Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding all of our services. Our specialists have many years of professional experience, which is why they can guarantee the highest standard of service, while all the answers provided are substantive and thorough. Any doubts you may have should be cleared with this FAQ.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question here, contact us – we’ll explain everything you may still be unsure about.

Mortgage in the UK

What types of mortgage are there in the UK?

The types of mortgage available in the UK are Capital Repayment Mortgage and Interest-Only Mortgage.

What payment plans are available?

The following variants are available:

  • Fixed
  • Offset
  • Tracker
  • Discounted
What conditions do I have to meet in order to receive mortgage in the UK?

In order to get mortgage for a house of flat, you must have a high enough level of mortgage affordability (creditworthiness). The financial advisor responsible for determining your mortgage availability may issue a “Decision in Principle” – a confirmation of your creditworthiness.

How high will my mortgage be and how high would the installlments be?

If you’re looking for reliable information on this topic, your best bet is to consult a financial advisor. Contact one of our representatives and provide them with all the necessary data, and we’ll estimate your mortgage and instalment rates.

Investments in the UK

How to invest in investment funds in the UK?

Investment funds are one of the forms of investing and multiplying capital. Which type of fund will be best for you depends on your goals and financial risks. We can help you choose an investment based on your personal needs and financial risk.

What are the benefits of investing in the stock market?

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is one of the oldest stock markets in the world, which makes it one of the best and most credible. Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to go if you’re interested in long-term investment. That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that investing on the stock market involves risk and the return you receive may be smaller than what you invested.

What sets investment accounts apart from others?

Investment accounts are one of the safest forms of investing money. Their interest rates are low but grow over time. However, it is important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t withdraw money from an investment account before its planned termination, as this can result in consequences, including the loss of interest that that has already been generated by the account up to that point.

How to pick the best form of saving?

There are a number of ways in which you can save and which one is the best for you is dependent on a number of factors. If you want to find out what type of savings will be optimal in your situation, contact our consultant.


Do I have to speak English to get an insurance policy?

Yes, you must have a working knowledge of English. All documentation is written in English and it’s also the language in which all communication with insurance companies is handled. Should the need arise, we are here to help clear up any doubts and inconsistencies.

What factors influence the price of insurance in the UK?

The main factor influencing the price is age. Anything that influences your health, such as smoking, is also important. Of course, the type and scope of the insurance also determine the price.

When is the insurance activated?

In most cases, insurance is active from the moment the insurance company accepts your application.

Will the insurance still be active if I decide to go back to Poland?

In most cases, yes. An insurance policy may be extended after changing your country of residence within the EU. If you decide to go back to Poland, this may be particularly beneficial to you, considering the fact that Polish insurance policies tend to be more expensive. In order to make sure that you can do this, it’s best to contact your advisor for confirmation.

What conditions do I have to meet to receive insurance?

It depends on the insurance company, as each one has their own set of requirements. One common requirement, however, is being a UK resident.


Why should I make a Will?

If you don’t make a Will, you have no control over how your property and finances will be handled in the event of your death. Should that be the case, everything happens according to guidelines from above, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with them and make a Will that will reflect your personal preferences. Even if you don’t own a lot of property but have children, it’s a good idea to make a Will in order to ensure their wellbeing. In the event that both parents die and there is no Will to determine the legal guardians, the court will decide to appoint a foster family. By making a Will, you can avoid such a situation and ensure that your children are in good hands.

What is LPA and why should I draw it up?

LPA, or Lasting Power of Attorney, is a document that secures your wellbeing and allows you to manage your finances should you ever lose the ability to make your own decisions, e.g. in the event of an accident or sickness. Thanks to LPA, you can appoint trusted individuals who will be responsible for you and your material matters

Why consider retirement planning?

While pensions are a given in the UK, there’s no denying the fact that the rates aren’t high and the chances of leading an affluent life after retirement are low. With retirement planning, you can ensure a more comfortable existence in the future.

When should I start retirement planning?

The sooner you start planning your future retirement, the better, as it will allow you to gather more funds for after you retire.

What is personal/family insurance?

Personal/family insurance allow you to secure funds in the event of unpredictable life events. We offer four basic insurance types of this kind at our company, i.e.:

  • Life insurance,
  • Life insurance with sickness insurance,
  • Income protection,
  • Family Income Benefit.

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City & Country Financial Services


As mortgage advisors with access to all offers available on the market, we can explain in detail how a given loan addresses your needs and preferences.

Buy-to-let mortgage

Buying a house to let is one of the most popular forms of investment in the UK. Our advisors can help you choose the best option for your conditions, letting you spend little while gaining high return on investment.

Financial protection

Financial protection allows you to insure yourself, your family, as well as other people that are financially dependent on you, in the event of death, illness, accidents, or unemployment.

Retirement planning

We can help you if you are already retired and want to browse through your options, or if you want to invest in a future retirement plan.

Life insurance

Thanks to our knowledge of the market in its current form, we can adjust all elements of the insurance to your needs and expectations.

Company insurance

Company insurance involves insuring the most important members of the company, including you, the director or partner, as well as employees

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