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What happens if you don’t make a will

1 If you are married with no children, your wife or husband inherits the first £200,000 plus half of the rest of the estate. Over that amount, other relatives can make a claim and things become very complicated.

2 If you are married with children your wife or husband inherits £125,000 plus a life interest in one half of the rest of the estate. The other half goes to the children in equal shares.


3 If you are single, divorced or widowed, your property goes to your next of kin — who is that and do you want them to inherit it all?

4 If you are married but separated, your husband or wife would have a claim — do you want that?

5 If you live with someone you aren’t married to they will normally receive nothing from your estate — not even your share of the home.

6 If you have no relatives, your property goes to the Crown.

7 If you have made a Will already but subsequently married, the Will is automatically revoked.


Finally Without a Will you have no control over your affairs, and have to rely upon the rules made by Parliament. Even if these are satisfactory to you now, they could change at some future date.

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