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Are you one of the millions of people over 55 who are UK homeowners living in a valuable property but sometimes struggle to meet financial commitments?

Perhaps you have a reasonable lifestyle, but can’t quite afford some of the comforts or luxuries you’ve been promising yourself?

Or maybe you need to pay for something expensive but don’t have the cash to hand?

If you answered yes to any of the above, there is a positive option to consider.


An equity release plan

The sum total of your assets, including your home, may make you wealthy on paper but it won’t pay the bills. That’s why more and more people have decided to draw out money from their ‘hidden retirement fund’ – their home.

If you bought your property some years ago, its value may have increased substantially, creating funds you could draw on. However there are dozens of equity release plans out there and choosing the right one could save you thousands of pounds.

City & Country Financial Services will search the equity release market, study a carefully selected panel of providers representing the whole market to ensure we find the most suitable plan which suits your needs.


We only recommend SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) products or those with similar guarantees and safeguards. This ensures that you (or whoever you name on the agreement) have legally guaranteed occupancy of your home for the rest of your life with a “no negative equity” guarantee.

To find out more, complete our enquiry form and one of our experienced advisers will be in touch. Alternatively, phone us now on

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