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The UK buy-to-let market has changed considerably in the last few years.

It used to be dominated by large property management companies. These days, however, ordinary individuals too are building their property portfolios.

So where do you start as a prospective Buy-to-Let investor?


First of all most lenders consider buy-to-lets as higher risk than residential mortgages. So investors typically need a deposit of 15 to 25% of the property purchase price. You can expect the interest rate and repayments to be higher too.

You’ll also need to factor in the cost of bringing a cheap property up to a rentable state. Then there are landlord guidelines, including fire regulations, to be adhered to, not to mention insurance cover for any period when the property is vacant.


Like any business, buy-to-let investing is a big step. If you’d like further information and advice then complete our enquiry form and one of our experienced advisers will be in touch. Alternatively, phone us now on

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